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- Jordan Brewster was born in Panama City, Panama to the family of American investment banker and former model from Brazil.
- After the birth, she lived in London for six years, until not moved to the mother's home town of Rio de Janeiro. In the 10 years she moved to New York. Brewster studied at Convent of the Sacred Heart and graduated from the Professional Children's School in New York. Then she entered Yale University, who graduated in 2003. Her grandfather on her father, Kingman Brewster Art., In the years 1963-1967 was president of Yelya.

- Her career began with participation in the TV series All My Children. Following that was offered to try yourself in As The World Turns, where the heroine played by Nikki Munson-Graves. She worked on ATWT 3 years. Jordan had the opportunity to dream in the movie "Independence Day", but the contract with ATWT does not allow it to do so. In 1995-1998 it was filmed in the series As the World Turns.

- A good start to her career was in the movie by Robert Rodriguez 'The Faculty. " It is filmed in many spots Tommy Hilfiger, and also a remake of Pink Floyd's "Another Brick in the Wall (part 2). Jordan was a member of the team for the promotion of film "The Faculty" called Invasion of the Fright Films. So Jordan has gained even greater popularity. Soon, Jordan received a role on the NBC TV movie in the "sixties" (producer Lynda Obst). She gained a great actor's experience played a role in the film "Invisible Circus" Adam Brooks with Cameron Diaz in one of the main roles. However, production of this film was limited. Jordan began her education at Yale. In the second course, she was offered to play the role of Mia Toretto in the movie "Forsazh. The film brought her more fame, which helped to advance her career.

- In 2007, she married a film producer Andrew Form (Texas chainsaw massacre, companion, unborn, Friday 13th)